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About Cedar Hill Land Developing, LLC

Cedar Hill Land Developing LLC came about from the dream of me, Scott Jantz, of working to maintain, improve, and develop one of our most precious resources, the land.

The name comes from an inspiration that stems from the area I live and some of the land we own, which is rolling hills and lots of cedar trees. Growing up with family that farmed and did dirt construction and land developing and working together with them put the love of running equipment and working outside with the land in me at a young age. Also involved in this was the trucking and freight business which we have been involved for a few years already. This business was created to put my passion for this into something I could use to help others to maintain, improve, and develop their land and do what I enjoy. I am diversified in the things that I can do for the land and am flexible in my approach. My goal is quality and affordability. Thank you all for your business!

Backhoe Digging with Cedar Hill Land Developing, LLC

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